Sunday, November 7, 2010

kao gaeng hot pot & shabu

Place: Kao Gaeng
Physical: Shop 13/14, 22-38 Queen's Avenue, Springvale (next to Walrus)

Kao Gaeng offers everything I could ever want from a cheap and cheerful restaurant in Springvale: it's clean, it's not too cramped, the staff don't rush you through your meal, the food is good and, most of all, there's a lot of pork on the menu. From slow-braised leg meat (which, sadly, had run out when I went) to stir fries to curry. There is pork in many forms. I partook in a plate of grilled pork neck, which was served with rice and a salty and sour sauce.

Was it the best pork I'd had in my life? No. But I like this place. I want to go back. To me, it checks all the boxes for a restaurant at this price point.

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